What a crazy winter! Currently there is influenza A and B going around, strep throat, pneumonia and gastroenteritis. True influenza symptoms are headache, muscle aches, fever and cough. Patients feel like they have been hit by a truck! Their hair even hurts! Call the office if these are your symptoms as a medication called Tamiflu will help you decrease the time you have the flu. It must be started within 48 hours of symptoms. The flu shot this year was around 48% effective. We have seen the flu in patients who have had the flu shot.

Use of Proton Pump Inhibitors

Recent studies on heart burn drugs called PPI’s (drugs like prilosec, nexium) which are sold over the counter have been linked to kidney damage and osteoporosis if taken over a long period of time. If you are prescribed one of these drugs and you have been taking it daily for years, let us know so that we can advise you on whether it is a good idea for you to continue this medication. If you have had a bleeding ulcer or Barrett’s esophagus we will not be stopping the medication.

New Recommendations for Low Back Pain

A new low back pain study looked at the most effective ways to treat low back pain. Heat seems to be the most effective with massage and acupuncture showing some effectiveness. Tylenol or steroids showed no positive effects. Usually it is OK to self-treat back pain for two weeks. Exceptions include fever or chilling, weakness, severe pain, serious fall or injury, a feeling of tearing going from the abdomen into the back,

Measles, Mumps, and Rubella, Oh My!

The Center for Disease Control is now recommending that persons over 19 years old who have received the MMR vaccine, be tested for the titre to make sure they have immunity to the disease. Insurance will cover most of the expense of this blood test but if you have a high deductible, you may just want to pay the $20 to obtain this test. Next time you are in, ask about receiving the test to see if you are immune to measles, mumps and rubella.

New Accountants

Dublin Advisors is our new accountant who are handling the billing of our memberships. You will be receiving invoices/and or calls from them if there are problems with your account. First Quarter bills are due by March 31st. Thank you for being our patient!

As always, if you have any health concerns, please contact the office at 614-933-9100.

In good health,
Dr. Milks and the Staff of Personal MD