We are on the forefront of being able to offer the newest technology to our patients!

The latest technology in the medical world is here. We now offer multiple new services for our patients in order to continue offering the best medical care possible.

Video Visits:

We now offer video visits for our patients. This service is available by either calling the office to make an appointment or by scheduling your own visit through our website.

Video visits are for those patients who cannot make it into the office, who have minor issues that will not require further testing, and for the busy professional who needs a quick consult.

You now have the option to skip the physical waiting room and enjoy the benefits of: less time away from work, no travel time or expenses, and more privacy.

Our office uses Chiron Health for our telemedicine technology to enable you to get medical attention as often as you need to and to ensure better health, plus many other benefits you can read about here.

Cost: You will be charged just like another visit and the program will collect your co-pay. Video visits are covered by most insurances but are not yet covered by Medicare.

24-hour Blood Pressure Monitor:

This latest blood pressure technology is intended for clarifying blood pressure states and for use as a diagnostic aid for an individual patient in their own environment.

The monitor records heart rate and blood pressure every 15-30 minutes throughout the day and every hour at night.

A 24-hour assessment for blood pressure is a valuable tool for those with white coat hypertension (when your blood pressure is high in the presence of medical professionals) and is also important for use before any long-term blood pressure treatment.

According to a U.S. Preventive Services Task Force report as covered by the American Heart Association, secondary confirmation of high blood pressure is useful because caffeine, nicotine, emotions, stress, pain and physical activity can affect it short-term.

Cost: Most insurances will pay for the use of our monitor for 24 hours. We will require a down payment or a credit card to hold the machine until it is returned.


7-Day Glucose Monitor:

This new technology is worn on the stomach for a week and measures the glucose readings during that time. With Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM), you get a more complete picture of your glucose levels, which can lead to better treatment decisions and better glucose control.

A 7-day glucose monitor is used for patients who are diabetic and want to see if their medicine is working like it should or for those patients who want to know if they are diabetic or have pre-diabetes.

Understand more about your glucose with CareLink glucose reports while hardly feeling that the monitor is even there!

Cost: Medicare and most insurances with cover this test.



This is the latest home sleep apnea detection for those who think they stop breathing during the night.

This is a device that connects to your chest and nose to monitor blood oxygen when you sleep. SNAP’s Home Sleep Recorder offers a convenient and accurate alternative to sleep lab testing.


Our Office Promise:

Here at Personal MD, we are using the newest and best technology to help deal with disease and health promotion. The health and wellness of our community is our #1 priority.

Not only is Dr. Milks a family physician, but also a geriatrician and pain specialist. No matter your needs, you can be rest assured that you have a doctor in the family. Call to get all your questions answered or to schedule an appointment at 614.933.9100.