It is early Saturday morning and Jeff just left with the kids to take them downtown Columbus to participate in Pelotonia.

Chris, my son, flew home from San Francisco with his wife, Amber, to be a part of today. Sarah, my daughter, lives in Gahanna and orchestrated the whole thing.

There will be 8000+ riders today which is amazing! Chris and Amber are planning on riding 45 miles and Sarah 25 miles.


It was so much fun watching them get ready at 6:30 this morning. I had the family here plus a few of their friends. We were making coffee and joking. Sarah showed the inspirational video that was sent to all the riders from a cancer survivor that made us all tear up and stop in our tracks. How proud I am of my kids and their friends who ride today to help cure cancer.

We need to do better. We need to save more lives. God bless our patients who have battled and/or are battling this disease.

In addition to supporting the cause today, I received this link from a friend. It is one of the best things I have read in a long time. It is a reminder how much pressure we put on our kids, spouses, etc. to be perfect and better when maybe we just need to share with them that we like watching them play, swim, fix, care, lead, etc. versus criticizing their performance.

For instance, I loved watching my kids just gather and talk last night and this morning. Jeff and I have made two wonderful caring, loving, and funny adults! I know we were not perfect parents but when I look at the kids, I know we did something right. In addition to being successful, they are good people!

Also, I want to thank my staff at Personal MD for the terrific job they do every day.  Lisa has been with us for 12 years in July and Ann and Miranda for over 8 years.  They leave their home and families everyday to come to work (and rarely miss) for us and to help patients. Our mission to put patients first and treat them like family is what they do everyday.

What they do is not easy. They have a multitude of tasks to do and we are caring for people who usually don’t feel very well or at least are worried and anxious. They put their own needs aside daily to help our patients know that we care. We could not have a better family of employees. I want to tell my employees today that I love watching them work. I love hearing them comfort a patient on the phone. I love hearing them call with the test results and explain to them what they mean. I love hearing them show concern and offer help and information. I love hearing them joke with each other and our patients to help make them feel like family. We could not have a better, more dedicated staff in the world. You are in excellent hands with our employees. They are really good at what they do and they really do care.

Lastly, I loved watching Jeff load the bikes on the back of the car to take 4 people down to the ride. He has done this every year for seven years. What a good father he is. He is in his element when he is fixing and coordinating something.


I also love watching him as a physician. I love watching him listen to patients. I love hearing him trying to solve the puzzle of a diagnosis. I love hearing him be direct and honest in his approach to patients. I know of no better family doctor, geriatrician or palliative care doctor.  If you have an illness, question, concern , or ethical dilemma, there is no better person you need on your side.

Thank you for being a part of our Personal MD family!

-Deb Milks